Good morning blogosphere

Hi my name is Gareth and I have a serious mental illness that as yet has no name, or to be precise , several.
That is because every time I see a new shrink I get a slightly different diagnoses.
This is why i have all but given up on the psychiatric industry and their counterparts in psychology.
Imagine your fear as you descend down what used to be the dismal.spiral of depression only to.find that this time it was going to incllude audio and visual hallucinations . Worse imagine that the only thing that dulled these symptoms was alchohol in large quantities . Add in a GP surgery where it can take up to three weeks to get an.appointment & live in a county, Cornwall, where everything is set up for the elderly including mental health services. And you have a recipe for disaster….


One thought on “Good morning blogosphere

  1. Good morning, Gareth 🙂 I’m sorry to hear about your difficulties. I can really relate to the problem (and confusion) of getting different diagnoses from each professional you meet. It isn’t an exact science, is it? (To say the least….) It is hard to get suitable help with the way in which services can be so rigidly standardised or set up for particular problems and not others. I think the mental health system here is so very under-funded that they are stuck in a really bad position of not being able to give the help and treatment they would want to – too often their hands are tied by policy and funding/resource issues that they have no power over. It’s a big problem. Wishing you well as you find your way through it all. I look forward to reading your blog as it unfolds.

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